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I want to retile my kitchen buuuut

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Well my father-in-law tiled my kitchen about a 4 years ago for me which was a nice thing to do but the whole floor is crooked and it has been bothering me ever since :furious:.
I reeeeealy want to tear up the tile and re-tile it myself but there is one problem, the tile extends under the cabinets. Is there a special tool to cut along the toe kick to make tile removal easy?
Another question is when or if I start to remove the tile do I need to replace the hardibacker or do I clean the mortar and reuse the hardi because I screwed the S**t out of it and wouldn't know what to do if I had to replace the hardi.

Thanks for taking the time
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I would say to use a handhold tile saw but that is going to be practically impossible to get close to the toe kick. So in your case you might be able to use a regular diamond grain hand cutter. What you will do is go over it until you are about 3/4 of the way through the tile and from there you should be able to snap a straight line... This is going to be a hard job
Just thought of it you could use a grinder with a small diamond blade on it as well and that should not kill you as much as a hand tool!!:)

On the hardi I would always say replace it, but depending on the damage you might need to.. if it is the concrete kind you might be able to roll with it.
would it be impossible to take the cabinets out? what kind of counter do you have? if its granite or any kind of stone.. nevermind... but that would probably be the easiest way... how long of a run are the cabinets that you need to get the tile out from? i would say small grinder with diamond blade, score it then big chissel and hammer to break it up.. tough job though either way.. hopefully he did a crappy job with the mortar and the tiles will pop right up.. :)
I definitely would not pull the cabinets out unless you are looking to replace them. Because they will never go back in the same way. Plus That would be a major pain in the ass, but its up to you man
Ok so the grinder wins. Now to the hardibacker. How if I had to replace them be able to so when I have so many screws in them. It's not like I can use a scraper Damn this sucks :censored:
So, it sounds like you have a really good quality subfloor. No cracks, just the tile is installed crooked? or unevenly? So bad, you have to change it, ok.

I'm just gonna put this out there.. as a guy that knows nothing about tile installation, as I have never have installed any myself, but if the subfloor is really good, and there are no cracks, could you consider tiling of the tiles? I know you will end up +/- 1/2" higher that the joining floor, but,
so easy to tile up to cupboards, and mouldings if you wish, and hide everything with a 1/4 round moulding. If possible, this seems like the easiest fix... Now, could you live with a 1/2" transition between floors, compared to staring at a crooked floor all day? :whistling2:
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