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I live in a smaller bungalow, no basement. My furnace is currentlylocated in my mud closet near my front door. You can hear it running, but worst of all is it takes up a lot of realestate because it's using a giant concrete chimney. To give you a mental picture of the location, there is a wall that seperates my kitchen and living room. Put a chimney and a furnace on that wall, kitchen side and build around them and that's what I have.

Upstairs, I have an A-frame bedroom, roughly 400 sq ft with long attic space on each side. I would love to put it up there in the attic. Trouble is, all my vent work is in the crawl space. On top of that, currently I do not have A/C because my furnace blows down, and every contractor has qouted me 6k to do the "conversion".

My intention is to move the furnace out of the kitchen, remove the rather useless chimney and open that seperating wall into a nice bar with some stools to connect the living room with the kitchen.

1. Can I do it myself and if so what's the major challenge gonna be?

2. Because it's overhead, will there be a lot of noise resonating down?

3. Will this make it easier for A/C?

4. Is this even a good idea?

Also, this is a gas furnace. Thanks for any info.

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Install a high efficiency horizontal furnace in the crawl. Newer furnaces can use PVC pipe for the venting out the foundation wall.
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