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I want to get the mildew off my house

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I want to get the mildew off my house. I've got a 1800psi electric 1.6 gpm Clean Force pressure washer. I bought a wand extension w/ 1/4" QCs. The eve's are 19' up. But I'm going crazy trying to find a chemical injector. I don't know if I want downstream/low pressure or a high pressure foam cannon. I don't need high's painted treated pine siding. The handle takes a male M22 wand (the other end is a 1/4" QC). The hose end of the handle also has a male M22 connector. Please help me...thanks!!!
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Good recommendation for the Spray it and Forget it. I used it. I sprayed it, but didn't forget it. Let the spray sit for a few minuets and followed up with a soft brush on an extension pole, then hosed off the siding.
I have a great pressure washer, but I don't use it for siding. Gets the gunk off, but does't give a good cleaning like a brush
Forget all of that pressure washing and scrubbing. I have 3 properties that I h ave to personally take care of. I use spray and forget it. That is the actual name. You can but it at hd or lowes. It takes a couple of weeks to go away, but it really works.
The whole key to Spray and Forget is to not just go back and rinse it off.
Use it as the directions state!.
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