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I want make raised patio with roof, discussing the plan and construction

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I want make raised patio with the roof. Raised above the ground by 50cm (20inches). Size 4m*10m (14foot * 32 foot). (I have experience by building car port from scratch, other DIY projects like that).

I was looking around in my area how other people had done it. They put concrete posts in the ground. Make wall between them. Put concrete slab on top of it. And steel posts anchor to the top of the slab.

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I would like to do it differently - I would not use concrete posts. I would anchored steel roofing tubes straight to the ground. Advantage is that I don't have to use concrete posts + there is no ugly anchoring on top of the slab. Disadvantage is that the steel beam is visible on the front face of the wall (which will make harder to stick ceramic tiles to it). Also I'm little bit worried about brick to steel connection (I would probably welded a little pieces of the rebar to the tube, so the mortar sticks better to it). Also I'm little bit worried if the vibrations of the steel would not transfer into wall and made cracks, structural damage or something.

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What do you think?
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