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:)Hi, my name is Renate and I am an old lady. I have 5 grandschildren who give me lots of joy. My hobbys are knitting, sewing and crocheting. I also belong to the German Club in Pawtucket, RI, I am the membership secretary and the librarian there, sure keeps me busy.
I found this site when I was looking for Trex because my deck needs to be redone. Of course I read the messages "Issues with Trex", but it was more about the contractor than about the Trex.
Living alone, I get to do a lot of things myself. I am not doing the deck, but I am on my way to the store to look for carpet runner for my cellar stairs, that I will do myself. Well, there is always something that needs fixing.

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Well done! It's great to hear your story - it's never too late to Do It Yourself.

That was definately the case with my Grandfather. He was in his mid 90s when I was building my house, but nothing would stop him joining in. I remember one very wet miserable day, my dad came to the site to see what was going on and had a fit when he saw my grandfather on the top of the scaffolding adjusting a window frame.

What could I do? I couldn't stop him!

A few years later when my grandfather was in his late 90s, I went to see him and he was in a lot of pain. When I asked him what he'd done, he said he'd fallen out of a tree. :eek:

Thankfully, a few sessions of physio and he was back to normal again. I just hope I am as active as my Grandfather when I am as old.

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Welcome aboard Renate!

A will to learn will take you along way...hang out a while, ask the questions...and we'll try to at least send you off in the right direction. One suggestion I'll offer is when you have a question that seems similar to a previous post if you need to ask a question start with a new post...generally it'll get more attention at least initially.
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