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I think I just stumbled upon a wealth of information!

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Hi there! I just happened to be looking online for possible solutions to replacing my double pane windows that seem to have mold in between the panes (not just fog/moisture guys...MOLD!) and I clicked on the link to the DIY Home Improvement Forum.
After reading a few posts I realized that I may have just stumbled upon a wealth of information that could potentially save me a lot of time and money on my home repair projects!
Even though I am a busy working Mom of three, I am always looking for ways to improve our home to insure it is not only comfortable and pleasing to live in, but also safe and energy efficient.
I'm looking forward to reading the posts!

Thanks so much!
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Thank you for the welcome and especially the information, Emily P! I currently have vinyl windows and I think they are pretty cheap. I wasn't sure if the process of drilling holes and flushing out the mold, then sealing up the holes warrants further kinda seems like it might work, but in the long run, I may just need to replace the windows. I'm pretty sure there is a way to look inside the window to see the manufacturer, then contact them to see if they offer a replacement for these particular windows or not.
They are an odd size too, so I'm pretty sure I'll have my work cut out for me either way. :(
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