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I Need to Cover the Chrome

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Hello Everyone,

A glass bathroom sink I bought online came with rectangular chrome supports instead of the black supports which were shown in the photos. I'd like to rough up the chrome surface and spray paint it a different color. And I have a couple questions.

1) If I sand the chrome and spray it with 2 coats of some HD or Lowes spray paint, will the paint stay on for a few years?

2) If the answer to question 1) is no, can someone recommend the best way to change the chrome to a different color?

Thanks Very Much,


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I used a rattle can of Coverstain on the chrome on the grill of my van and used a black industrial on top. It held up reasonably well.

Scuff them up, and maybe soak them in some vinegar or something that might etch it a little.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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