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I need to buy grout and tile spacers. What is the most common space between 6x6 tiles

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I am remodeling my bathroom. I am getting ready to start tiling the floor and tub and shower surrounding walls. I will use 6x6 porcelain tiles on the floor and 6x6 ceramic tiles on walls.
I need to buy sanded or non-sanded grout and tile spacers.

What is the most common space between 6x6 tiles?

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Thanks Mike.

I did few home tiling projects before. I used different spaces, smaller and bigger. I found that in bigger spaces grout does not look very even. I always follow grouting instructions but I still can’t do it perfect. It looks fine from the distance, but if you check it from 1 ft or closer you will see that it looks uneven.
This is why this time I decided to go with smaller space. I got 1/8” spacers. I wanted to buy a non-sanded grout, but HD guy recommended me using sanded grout for 1/8” spaces because it does not shrink.
I went to Lowes web site and checked reviews about round spacers. Everybody who tried them was very happy. So, I went to Lowes and got 1/8" round spacers.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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