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I need some help on this light bulb project.

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Hello I need some help setting up a light bulb with all the wires and stuff. My idea is to get a light bulb and attach another wire for a switch so I can put it up in the living room. Yes the living room doesn't come with any light switches! Seriously! I hate using lamps because I've broken like millions of them. I knock them down and they stop working. I just want to make my own light bulb switch so I won't have to use lamps ever again. If you can help me getting started that would be great. That is if this is even possible. haaha Thanks for the help. :thumbup:

Here are some pics that I have included to give you an understanding of what I want to do.

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Is this a joke?
None of that would even be remotely legal or safe.
Somethings very wrong if you have knocked over a million lamps.
May not be the lamps fault.
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Totally illegal and dangerous. Not gonna get any help here.
Go with a swag light, Ugly as a bucket of boogers but would be far safer and legal.

Switch would be on the cord not the wall.
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