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i need personal attention from someone with patience

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I just found and joined this site and im really excited...We just bought our first house, and youd thing the son of a Tool and Die Maker would have more "How-To" knowledge...well...not me, so slowly im learning a few things but i have tons of questions about lots of different things, and a wife that will make sure I get answers...hahaha....shes more handy than I am...Im not bad with tools, but certain things such as our Deck, Landscaping, carpentry, electric, plumbing and remodeling (to mention a few), I hope to find help, so thank you all for being here and AI'm looking foward to learn a lot....Harv

p.s. what the heck are threads,and how exactly can i talk to individuals?

Also what is a Tag...i keep finding things i dont know...:censored:
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well, I'm the son of a word class astrophysicist but that doesn't mean I know the moon is a mean distance of 238,857 miles.

just kidding. I really knew that.

a thread; that is what you started when you posted. It is available to be added upon by further postings, such as mine here.

a tag?; that is the thing in the back of my shirt collar.

Oh, you mean a tag such as some term relevant to the inquiry that can be utilized in a search for information concerning such terms?

You don;t generally talk to individuals. Your thread is viewable by all members of the forum. You can respond to any or all within the thread. There are what is called "PM's" available. That is like e-mail but limited to the forum. It is found in the user CP section locatable by clicking on the user CP link at the top of the threads.
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Don't use PMs to ask questions. That is what the forum is for. If you have something personal that you want the public to hear then use a PM.
Tool and die makers are a rare breed these days. My uncle just retired from a shop here in Central Jersey. He did it for his whole career, has his name on a bunch of J&J patents for surgical tools. Six years ago he said anyone with experience could write their own ticket here in the states. This winter he said anyone with experience and luck might get a job building dies and equipment, then get a year's assignment overseas where the equipment gets installed, training people to run it for for $10 a day, and then return home unemployed.

Lots of help here. Ask away.
If you have something personal that you want the public to hear then use a PM.
huh??? that makes no sense at all.
what do you have against PMs? PMS? LOL
if you don't want to recieve them, go to userCP and turn them off.

first, I believe joed meant "if you don't want something to be public"

and then, to not using pm's; the forums are a source of info for all. one persons question may be a thousand other peoples question and having it on the open forum rather than via pm's, it allows all to reap the info provided for that one question.
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