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Hi all, I'm new here I love trying to teach myself new things and this is my first post on DIY. I am building a swamp cooler as per the instructable

I would like to wire my pump and fan to use in a regular wall outlet, and plan to at some point modify it for solar use. Here's what I got.

A Bilge pump with a 2 amp fuse 12 volt dc with a red and black wire which I assume will need to be soldered to something.

I am also waiting on a 1984 yahama venture radiator fan motor which I believe is also 12 volts.

Here's the question

What is the best, safest, and most efficient way for a DIY beginner to properly wire these two items to plug into a single electrical outlet?

What parts do I need how should they be assembled?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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