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I had a gravel driveway,
over time it disappeared.
i need a tool,
that any fool,
(or is it as i feared?)
to dig a few inches,
and bring all the rocks,
back up to the top,
(but not in my socks)
not knowing the name,
could put me to shame,
when i call up the rental store.
so what do i rent,
so my money's well spent,
and my driveway's not an eyesore?

tnkx for reading this ridiculous rhyme.... sorta....


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there's a local Joe,
(though his name is ernie)
10 yards stone for a bill and a half.
a tool rental to me,
just seems to be,
much cheaper so she won't have a calf!


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in front of your house
the gravel is sinking low

a gravel lane
can be a pain
especially in the snow

go to the quarry
tell them your story
ask Ernie to deliver

no need to dread it
your kids can spread it
while you go fish in the river

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lol i really thought you had a problem looking at the heading
now how could you claim that?
i needed a name that,
i could tell the guy at the place!
now that i know it,
i hope i don't blow it,
and it doesn't blow up in my face!
now here's what i dare,
move the gravel that's there,
to the surface and smooth it to level.
then rinse off the dirt,
and not lose my shirt,
(buy rocks and pay like the devil.)
now so far as the rhyming,
it's all in the timing,
(shown by gma2rjc!)
so it's all just in fun,
no need to run,
grab a coffee and simply say "wheeee!"


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gravel raised to the surface
will serve its purpose
it certainly will save money

getting that rental
seems monumental
but it's sure to please your honey

you'll drive on the rocks
with none in your socks
and money in your wallet

so...something to rent
or pour new cement
it's your choice, you call it

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i've got my old truck with a hitch,
and different size towballs to switch,
so now i need to know....
my phone line is down the middle,
and i don't want to fiddle,
with the phone company and so....
is there an adjust,
to tell it it must,
go only 4 inches below?


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Call the company
say "come help me,
I need to know
how deep to sow
because it's your responsibility"

"You've got this fancy meter
you warm-chair lowlife greeter
I need it now
and don't ask how
and yes, I could talk sweeter"

So good luck with Ma Bell
like talking in a well
just add on top
and do not stop
or just go buy a cell

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one option to consider, before adding more gravel, if you go that route, lay down some fabric. I got some they use for roads before, it will delay the stone from settling. I also tried using the "screenings" on top, never did get that "just like concrete hardness effect". It was always the small stuff got packed down and the larger size came to the top. I wouldn't dig up what you have.
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