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There is a holes in the roof and floors, it's above ground house only and has been sitting on a brick type foundation that has broken apart at the edges. The siding and studs on the walls all are dry and none damaged, but there is some wet damage to one side of the flooring. Like a few studs.

It's a smaller house 2 bedroom i was thinking if there is some way i can lift the house and redo the foundation and part of the flooring and reset on foundation if this is possible with maybe hydraulics. But just don't know how to move it out of the way. But if i did that i could fix the roof and rest of the flooring and I'd pritty much be on my way from there, but is it worth it?

Should I just try and find a modular home to move to site, or even just demolish the house and redo a foundation and pay someone to put up the studs for a new house with roof and siding and do the rest myself?

I get a lot of time off from work so i do have time to spend on the house to fix it up and i want to do it cheapest way possible.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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