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I am from northern Mn, and have some remodel aspirations for this summer. I am replacing windows installing sliding patio doors on two floors of our lake home, and also re-doing decks on both floors. Finally, we are going to re-side the entire wall top to bottom.
We have a walk out basement that I previously knocked out a concrete block wall and framed with lumber, installing a patio door and two large windows. Now on floors 2 and 3 we are going to do the same, end result one entire wall completed with new windows, patio doors and decks. Walls are currently 2x4 and I am going to knock them down and replace with 2x6, reason being that it is northwest facing the lake. It gets cold up here and the 2x4 and old windows really are drafty. I will be needing some expert advise as I do this, and will start another thread in the appropriate spot. thanks!

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