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Hydronic baseboard heater for wall over 9ft long

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I'm replacing the hydronic baseboard heater in a room I'm remodeling. The old heater:

That wall is 9' 4" and the pipe comes into the room horizontally (through the wall on the right) and exits under the floor via a return pipe, which is 2-1/4" from the wall on the left.

The longest baseboard heater at the big box stores is 8ft. So I guess I should get two units that sum to 10ft and cut down to required length? So either 6ft and 4ft or 2 x 5ft heaters, and the covers will hide the seam between the two units?
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Yes. The enclosures are independent of the the finned element pipe. I'd buy an 8-foot element with enclosure, plumb that in to the middle of the span, and buy a 2' enclosure along with a set of "transfer plates" to make the joint between the two enclosures. Or if you're really anal, buy two sets of transfer plates, center the middle (8') enclosure and cut the small one to add the same amount to each end (8" or so.)
Slantfin makes baseboard up to 14 foot in length. Not a commonly stocked item, so your supply place will have to order it. If you don't want a splice.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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