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HVLP Question

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I am using Muralo waterborne in an HVLP for the trim in my house.

When I spray a cased doorway, (3 1/2" casing & between 5" to 8" jamb width) it takes several passes on each side, then straight on for the jamb. (I have also tried doing the jamb first, then the casing.)

Either way, I get some sort of flashing on the jamb. (You have to look just right to see it.)

I bought a little larger needle set to increase the amount of product, but it's still happening, even though the product is wet enough - and if it was any heavier, I'd have sagging issues.

Any ideas?:boat:
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#1, no way would I be trying to spray paint installed trim!
Your going to spend far more time masking off, thinning the paint, cleaning up the over spray and the gun then just using a foam roller and a 2-1/2" brush.
I personally don't care for HVLP for paint but it sounds like maybe your going a little too thick, try a thin fog coat first then a second coat when it's tacky before it dries completely. Plus what paint are you spraying and are you thinning it,
Although he's using airless, check this guys method.

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