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HVAC runs and runs

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My AC is in Heat mode now since its winters.

The current temperature inside house is 70.
I have my HVAC set to 69. It will be off and wait till temperature drops below 69 and then heat will kick in and heat he house...


Now problem is ... lets say the temperature does not drop below 70 inside house , the HVAC will still kick and start blowing cool air (not chilled) but regular recycle (atleast not heated air) and keep blowing ... It bothers me since my side of bed is directly under vent and I hate someone blowing air at me in winters if its not HOT.

what is the problem ? Is there any setting ? I have ecobee wifi thermostat.

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We don't know what kind of system it is.
sounds like you have the system fan on cycle.
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When the system is on "circulate" or whatever ecobee calls it, it will try to even out the air in your house when the unit hasn't run for a while. It'll be setting in the thermostat

I actually checked all the option in the thermostat controller .. I did not see anything which says FAN ON / CIRCULATE / AUTO.

Only option I see it FAN ON / AUTO .... it set to Auto ... and is set on 0 Min/hour ...
I can set 5 Min/hour and likewise ... if I put it to ON ... then fan starts running immediately ... It has some installer menu and I did not find any option there either ...
It's probably on circulate.. Assuming you can't figure out how to change it .. I have no idea about your thermostat's settings ... you should be able to get an air vent deflector to redirect the air from your vent.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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