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HVAC Resource Guide

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Good evening everyone

I was researching some information regarding HVAC systems in my area and found a resource guide. It says it is for everyone interested in pursuing a career in HVAC industry, but it does have some interesting facts for homeowners as well. A buddy of mine, who himself is an hvac professional, says its interesting in terms of information about certificates and schools.

here is the link:

let me know what you think.
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Best way to learn about any technical field is to have a keen curiosity on how things work, desire to understand the theory and experience.

I've been exposed to courses - I've taught myself far more in great debth just by reading manuals manuals, looking at schematics, forums where pros post, some experience doing stuff for myself.

only reason to go to school is if you need the certs to get a job. Otherwise there's so much stuff out there on the net (and to a lesser extent in libraries - can find textbooks) that school is a waste of money.
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