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We bought a house this October and the heating has some strange symptoms that i can't seem to fix. It's a keeprite gas, air heating. I had the repair man over already and of course everything worked like a charm so its quite intermittent.

- when it starts up it tries usually 2 times. the inducer motor comes on. then the glow plug glows fine. then it opens the gas-valve and a short burst of flames pop out for half a second. but nothing else happens. the inducer motor keeps running. the second or third try it starts fine.
? is this a fail of the gas valve? it is getting 23.5 AC that should be enough to open it no?

-after it has been heating for lets say 10 minutes or longer it stops, and the off delay empties the last hot air like normal. then 30 seconds later it starts up again. but the inducer motor relay is ticking so fast. the inducer motor is barely starting up. the relay is ticking like its shorting out. if i turn the main power off for a couple of seconds, and turn it back on it runs fine.
? is that a bad relay? (Control Board 1172550)

-the Inducer motor sounds pretty rough. i know i need to replace it. but would like to buy a really quiet one. are there different brand motors that could fit my heater, maybe one that builds bearings in there motors.
? is that worth looking into, and where would i look? (inducer motor 1172823)

-right now i'm not sure what to replace first. but my gut feeling says i can fix most with the board replaced. i noticed on the board that everything is 24VAC accept the inducer motor. that relay is a 12voltAC relay. that seems strange to me. did someone already replace just the relay or is this normal?

any help is welcome. Thanks in advanced!

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Make sure its not your thermostat. Jump the R and W terminals at the thermostat, and see it does the same thing.
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