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HVAC questions

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Furnace in basment, AC unit outside. All up stairs rooms have intake and outlet vents. Basement has only outlet vents and are closed.
1. When AC is running and upstairs doors are closed, there is draft coming from each room under the door. When basement door is closed it has a huge draft from under the door leading downstairs. Is this normal? I would think that this is sucking my cool AC air and make the AC, running longer. I put a draft sock at the base of the basement door to help. But my cats need to get down there to use the litter box and it is a pain to keep basement door closed.
2. I thought about cutting the exposed intake duct in the basment and putting 2 6"x12" closable vents to suck cool air from the basment so I can cool the house without using AC all the time. Will this be a good idea?

Thanks, Nathan
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basically your pressurizing the rooms with that supply upstairs and with the vents closed in the basement.the unit is sucking air(must be a return opening to the unit down there)if you crack the basement with a little supply feed it will relieve the basement door ...if your not putting a supply air into a space you will have minimal return the air handler is looking to return air from the easiest location..a grill installed on the basement door will give it return and you actually will cool the basement with that return....might want to put the cat liitter box in a positive spot:whistling2: instead of on the return once you open the upstairs to the basement.
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