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Hvac question on R410A lines

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What are peoples thoughts on the size of the refrigerant lines. Can you go a size larger on the bigger of the two lines?

I notice the datasheets on the condenser say that a 2.5 ton unit should have a 3/4 line, a 3 ton unit should have a 7/8 line, and a 3.5 ton unit should have 1 1/4 line. Is it ok to use a 7/8 line on a 2.5 ton unit? Does it buy you anything? Does it hurt anything? I'm running my line 32 feet. If I go with the 2.5 ton unit, my coil will have 7/8 fittings and the condensor will have 3/4. Either way I'm going to need a reducer. I'd like to spend the extra 10 bucks for the larger line for ease of coolant flow and future proofing if I upgrade to a larger unit. Any flaws with this logic?

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I would follow manufacturers size to length requirements for lineset application. 3/4 to 7/8 probably will not hurt.
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