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HVAC Labor Costs?

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Hello! I have a Lennox system and the evaporator coil (C33) has gone bad. It *is* under warranty, and my HVAC company is going to replace it, and charge me only for labor. They have quoted $877 (yes, $877) for the labor. Does that seem rather excessive?
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It is a bit expensive for a 3-4 hr job. Works out to about $200/hr and unless you live in a major expensive city like Toronto or Vancouver where they charge those rates it seems kind high to me.

If it has lost freon from leaking then they may be including that and I suspect so. That will run you $100-200.

They also charge for shop materials /silfoss etc so maybe it is not as simple as it sounds.

Seems pretty expensive though. Maybe shop around some other Lennox dealers. I am not sure independant guys can get Lennox parts under warranty easily.
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