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I have a inline humidifier for my upstairs HVAC unit that drains with the AC. This pipe runs down the outside wall of the house from the attic in a 1/2 inch PVC pipe. The ac drains in the same pipe durring summertime use. The pipe is insulated with foam and has a freeze wrap that plugs into the wall and wraps the full lenght of the pipe with really close wraps near the bottom. It still freezes durring cold temps and backs water up into the attic and thus floods the upstairs. I have pucks that shut down the system and cut the water off when it detects water in the pan. This has limited the flood issue but its still a pain to have to baby sit this system all winter long.... Here is my question: Can I run the drain (which handles very little water volume) into a vent stack from my 2cnd floor bathroom instead of outside of the house to prevent flooding?
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