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HVAC duct through a fire rated wall

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I converted the rear section of the garage into a laundry room with a wall newly constructed to divide the laundry from the rest of the garage. This wall needs to be a fire rated wall. I am required to put HVAC register in the laundry since it will be considered habitable space. The air handler is in the garage very close to this wall. It would be a simple matter to run a duct from the air handler through this wall into the laundry. Can I put the duct through the wall and still maintain the fire rating? Any suggestions what I would do if I cannot put a duct through this wall?
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When I submitted my plans as the homeowner for a building permit indicating the HVAC duct through this wall the only comment the examiner made was that the duct had to be 26 gauge with R8 insulation. I think it is possible he overlooked the issue of the fire rating. I will contact him tomorrow. I think he is out barbecuing today.
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