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HVAC condenser line insulation

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It's hard to tell what size insulation was on the pipe to begin with, it is rotted and disintegrating but it looks like possibly 1". Hard to tell.

Question is about size. The actual line is 3/4". What thickness of insulation do I need to buy. The only thing I could find at Home Depot is 1/2" thick, that ok?

And can I use this tape?
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In the old days, the wall thickness was only 3/8". So 1/2" is fine.

Use self sealing tape, and that duct tape only for the butting of the insulation pieces if your doing more than 1 length.
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If the copper size is 3/4" outside diameter, then you should look for 3/4" inside diameter insulation, and yes, 1/2" thickness should be fine.

Take note that 3/4" O.D. refrigeration copper would be the same as 5/8" plumbing copper, which doesn't actually exist. That means that you might not find the exact size insulation that you need from a place like home depot. Going one size up in insulation size (3/4" plumbing copper size, 7/8" O.D. refrigeration copper) should be close enough.

I think beenthere meant to say to use self sealing insulation, as in the kind that's split and has double sided tape attached to it. The duct tape would be fine, but it has a tendency of starting to fall apart after a few years, then it might not look so good. That stuff you picked out does say "all weather" and "UV resistant" on it, so hopefully that means it would work better than most duct tape. I think I'd give it a try.
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Thanks guys, input was much appreciated.
In addition, I will say that often I had to group the line set and the control cable together and wrap the entire assembly with HVAC foil tape to stop the critters (suspect chipmunks) from gnawing at both the insulation and the control cable. It worked very well to thwart them. It also protects the assembly from the elements.
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