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HVAC Carrier 38chc

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AC central unit that is 9 years old, that had to be recharged and seem to be hold it. The tech that had done the work said there must be a leak and the unit should be replaced. Should I have it repaired or replaced? If replaced what brand should I be looking at? I really don't want to replaced the furnace because it's only 9yrs old and have not had a problem with it.
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With a unit in that mid-age it might be worth the money to have them find and fix the leak. Don't know what UTC's warranty was on those units back then, so I would check to be sure you don't have at least a parts warranty still active.

If it is determined you need a new outdoor unit you may be able to just replace that and reuse the indoor coil and possibly the lineset, depending on age, SEER rating, how much you use your A/C. Regardless, there is no reason to replace your furnace.
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