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last year I had a brand new heat and air system installed. Electric forced air and Central air. Converting from radiant heat and no central air to forced hot air I wanted to add a humidifier. My hvac Supply sold me a trion cm200 bypass humidifier. The humidifier is installed on the return vent along with the humidistat just about right next to it.. the first year I ran it. It leaked into the return and then into my heater and filled the drip pan (heater is in the attic on its side). I shut the humidifier off since. Summer came and went and the AC worked great. This winter seems very dry. I wake up with dry mouth and nose. Sometimes light blood in my nasal passages. So I tried to turn the humidifier back on and same thing. It runs fine. The excess water drains through the drain tube fine and the filter is clean. But after a Couple hours it seems to leak into the furnace and leak into the pan again. I don’t know what to check at this point. Another forum told me to adjust the damper on the bypass vent. I actually closed it all the way but it didn’t change anything. Thanks for any Info
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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