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hopefully this is the correct forum!
we are thinking of reducing the humidity in our bungalow by getting an HRV.
we have a gas furnace with all the ducting.
some brands locally available are, Vanne, Fantech, Nuair and Eneready.

is any one of these better than the rest?

thanks all
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No advise on brands; however, before you drop two grand having one installed, make sure you're running exhaust fans sufficiently after showering, range hood after cooking.

If you don't have vented fans, as many older houses don't, deal with that before putting an HRV in.
The hrv will give you fresh air year round, instead of only when you can open your windows. It won't help a whole lot for humidity. (that's not it's designed purpose)
During the heating season it can help immensely with outdoor air having a low dewpoint.
Simply means it doesn't have much moisture in absolute terms - take outdoor air in the winter, warm it up to room temp and the relative humidity tanks.

The usual reason to install an hrv is if a house isn't getting enough ventilation naturally, humidity is building up causing condensation on windows. They're for tight houses.

Can also have a humidity problem in the fall caused by a lack of humidity control in the summer -> if you live in a humid climate but don't have a/c or run a dehumidifier.

The HRV reduces the humidity in the winter and raises it in the summer. (if you choose to run it in the summer) For general ventilation with less of an impact on humidity, an ERV is preferred.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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