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Howdy y'all

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I'm a newbie who really wants to learn more. I have done some projects and found this site while searching for a solution to my current project. I have some projects like taking a 15x15 deck and making it a 20x25 deck with wrap around seating, box steps and regular steps, a huge fold up work bench I made from a table that was being thrown out at work with folding legs so it tucks away nicely. I also took and slightly modified a HD swingset and improved upon it for my kids. One of my biggest projects was not in wood, but in stone...I dug out on the side of the house and put in a retaining wall and stone path. That was a lot of work especially once I got to clay. I redid our kitchen floor with 18x18 Travertine. I really am excited to learn from everyone here.


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Hi Redeo, You've been busy, Welcome to the Forum
It is a good idea to include your location in your profile.
Also thanks for the pictures

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Thanks PaliBob

If I can ever get a shop in my garage or my someday shed, I'll be a happy man. One day I might want to try and get a Shopsmith so I can do some serious stuff.
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