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I have a large hole in this 1/2" drywall.
I extended new copper piping out in front of wall to avoid electrical piping, so it runs along wall exposed.

There's approx 3/4" inch between the electrical piping and the new copper, where I can put a 1/2" replacement piece of drywall and cut out a hole to fit it around the pipe.

If I move the 1/2" replacement piece out far enough to hide the new copper, it lands directly in the middle of the garage door casing, which opens up a whole new set of issues.

FWIW, I have plaster over gypsum lath; which starts where I stopped demoing the 1/2" drywall on the right.
The wall becomes concrete block outside wall, at this point.

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Actually, is there any reason why you routed the pipe horizontally, especially since the pipe turns upward anyway? Have the pipe exit the wall, bring it up vertically until it clears the door, then turn it left and have it penetrate the wall higher up. You can then put a complete sheet across the whole thing (again, maybe with an access panel).
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