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How would you landscape around a large tree?

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I have a large Maple tree right in the middle of my front lawn. How would you landscape around it to hide the dead grass & large roots within a 3' radius?
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Some nice black mulch... or pachysandra. Mulch would be the quickest and cheapest solution.
Nicely suited groundcover would be a nicer looking and long term better solution than mulch. Lower maintenance too.

You might want to update your profile with basic geographic information.

What species of maple, by the way?
Pachysandra is an interesting idea. In fact my neighbor has something similar to this around their large tree too. Thanks for the tip.

I updated my profile per your suggestion, I'm in NE Mississippi. Not sure what species it is, but its big and sucks the life out of the soil :)
Evergreen plants like pachysandra are really a great idea. I did the same with a tree in my Grandparents' yard and it looks great, morever it is easy to maintain and not so expensive. ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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