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How would you clean this brick?

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I'm rehabbing this home, built in 1930, and need to do something about this brick. I'm not sure what is on it or what/how to clean it. There are some cracks that I'm going to have repaired by a mason, but I thought I should clean the brick first as the cleaner may be hard on the new mortar? I appreciate any feedback.



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Powerwash it.
You should go to a brick yard and ask what cleaners they have---a mild acid may be required.

Parts of that have been recently tuck pointed---the white is likely lime from the new mortar.

I hesitate to mention products --what I use is rather dangerous in untrained hands.---Mike---
I agree with Mike...
At some point there was stucco over the brick, and as noted some of it has been tuckpointed. Why do you want to clean it? If you want it all to be an even color and the same as the lower portion, it isn't going to happen.

Powerwashing brick with anything other than a fan tip is not advised, especially with acidic cleaners.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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