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this is my bathroom waste plumbing, i am also replacing a floor joist right in the middle of it.
my goal is to have all the pipes up inside the joist bays. and not go through a joist to do it. the column is where the joist will be. and all of that pvc is coming out.

on the left side, is the sink 1 1/2". i plan to have 1 1/2" run all the way to the vent/soil stack, then a 3" vent "T", then to the wall, then turn down to a Y, or perhaps a T.

new joist.

the right side is the toilet. that would be turned towards the wall. the bath tub would be connected to that with a T or Y and a P-trap. at the wall, it would turn down and over towards T or Y for the sink and vent.

i hope this makes sense. and that it will work ok.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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