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I was about to call an electrician to try and figure this one out.

I want to install a fancy touch screen thermostat/humidistat combo that will allow for my furnace fan to kick in when the humidity drops, since in the summer, the heat will never run, and thus my humidifier will never run since currently, that is the only way to run the humidifier.

The humidifier -does- work, however since the furnace fan rarely runs the humidity rarely makes it above 25%. I desire 50%.

Q: Is it possible to wire up my furnace fan, to kick in when the humidity in the house gets below the desired setting?

Any additional info required for an answer?

Details so far:

From the wall, there is a red wire, white wire, two black wires, and another white wire.

I have a GeneralAire 1042 humidifier.
Furnace is Vancouver made Airco 8300 Turbo (25 years old).

The 25 year old humidistat upstairs - was connected to both black wires. It no longer works, previous owners say the white wire is broken somewhere in the wall. New humidistat is in the furnace room.


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If you want a little adventure you could do it yourself. Put an airflow paddle switch in the return plenum and wire it between one side of the water solenoid on the humidifier and the wire going back to the transformer. Then EVERY time there is a call for heat or a call for A/C or if you want to turn on the fan for air circulation only and the humidistat sees a lack of desired humidity -POOF- you're damp or wet or whatever you want.
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