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How to Wire Ceiling Fan with Remote?

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I bought 2 ceiling fans. I wired both of them as shown in the photo below. The first one downstairs worked perfectly. The light is controlled by the switch (on/off) and then the fan is controlled only by the remote.

However, I wired the second fan in the bedroom like this and now the light is always on - does not shut off but the fan is correctly controlled by the remote. I do not understand what I did wrong. I need to figure out how to make it so the light goes off with the switch on the wall. Can someone please advise?


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Let us know:

Does remote have ability to turn fan on/off (yes you say) AND turn light on/off even though you prefer to use wall switch? Fan may be hot wired and light power goes back to wall switch.

What wires are at wall switch?

Just so you know, if answer to first question is yes, all power is at the ceiling. These fan/light units are made to be "always on" meaning no wall switch is required. When the unit is hot wired at ceiling (or at wall switch if that's where power comes from), the receiver and its remote act as interrupts and are separate for fan and light. Often, remote has speeds for fan, reverse direction of fan as well as dimming up and dimming down light feature.

In your case if you truly want the original wall switch to work, you will need to include it in your list of connections. If it's a single pole switch to ceiling, you need your receiver kit. If there are 2 wall switches or wires in switch box that go to ceiling but are not connected to a switch, you could wire a second wall switch or use a dual throw switch to control fan and light separately and receiver kit not needed. Fan speed then by pull chain and no light dimming.

Best if you know for sure that the red and black wires at ceiling are hot, switched or unswitched, which you are using for fan and which for light.
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Rewrite pre changes:
The receiver where there are 3 wires(W BK BL) is the output side.
The receiver where there are 2 wires (B & W) is the input side.
Black is now BK.
Blue is now BL.

This should work as you prefer:
C BK & F BK should give control of lite by wall switch, bypasses receiver
C W & RI W
F W & RO W
C R & RI BK always hot, control by remote
RO BL is an orphan

R red at ceiling is live hot, not sure where from
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