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How to wire a new fan to this junction?

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Hello, I'm going to run new Romex wire from this junction (see my reply below) to a ceiling fan box.

Just want to be extra safe... which of these splices should I attach the white and black of the new Romex to? I'm guessing the black goes to the solitary black coming from the light switch. The white, I'm not so sure. Thanks!
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it depends if you want the new junction box controlled by the same switch or not
The box I'm adding is just a ceiling fan pancake, so yes, I'll want it (and only it) controlled by the lightswitch.
Thanks. Can you explain to me why I'd want the ceiling fan's white/neutral wire to be connected to the whites coming from the 2 outlet boxes, instead, of the white coming from the lightswitch (which is spliced with 2 blacks for... some reason I'd also love to know :))?
The white connected to the black is being used as a Hot - it is NOT a neutral. It's called a "swtich-loop". The White from the fan is the neutral, and needs to connect to the other neutrals.
Understood. When I see a splice with only white wires going into it, will that always be neutral? Assuming no mistakes or strange choices on the part of the original installer.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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