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how to window book?

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I need a good how to book on window replacement, it is a huge job involving 19 windows some will be removed and the hole will become a new wall other will be replaced with new windows and anyone recommend a good book to help do this
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+1. There is a lot more to that project than a simple window install "how-to". You'll need knowledge of framing, flashing and water management concepts, siding (or masonry) installation, etc. It is on the fringe of what can probably done by a capable diy'er imo, but please at least be sure to pull permits so that an inspector can verify that you are doing things properly. You are not going to find all of the knowledge you need in one book, but you may be able to cobble it together by watching the youtube videos that joe mentioned, along with reading some various how-to articles, etc, and also with advice from pros on sites like this. For the latter, you'll want to post pics with specific questions when you run into trouble, so that you can receive accurate advice. :)
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