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how to transition from hardwood stair tread to landing

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I’m in the process of tearing out the carpet on my stairs and replacing with either a hardwood stair tread and riser “kit” or laminate with laminate stair moulding.
The kit seems like less fuss and a tidier, more durable solution, but each tread is ¾” thick. What am I supposed to do when I get to the top of the stairs? I’m planning on continuing the laminate in the upstairs as well.

Basically by adding ¾” to each stair it leaves that last step to the landing ¾” shorter than the rest. How do I solve for this?
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Way to little info.
Riser "kit" tells us nothing.
No way would anyone be using laminate for treads or on a second floor.
This have been discused on this an any DIY site many times.
Real wood treads, landing tread at the top of the stair's and engineered 3/4" flooring is a far better way to go.
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