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How to tie deck roof into existing wall

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Hi All- As you can see from the attached picture, I am putting a roof on my deck. I will have a vinyl-sided side wall that goes from the top of the laminated beam back to the house (20') . The inside of the structure will be vaulted.

I was thinking of taking double 2x8's on their side and running them from the beam back to the house but not sure how to attach it to the house. This double 2x8 would support the wall that will be built up to the top edge of the roof sheathing.

Any thoughts?



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The corner of the house has one stud but it might be on edge or on the flat to you.
You can use a hidden nail hanger right on the corner for your timber.

Then you cut your studs so they notch around both the rafter and the lower timber.

Then sheet that right up including the rafter before you build the look out ladder.
That was what I was thinking. If I put a double 2x8 on edge that would be 3” and the studs going up from there to rafter would be 3 1/2”. It would be odd to have that 1/2 sticking over the bottom and not sure how notching it would work. On the top I think I can just lay 2x material on its side and then catch the top of the stud for the sidewall. Not sure about bottom though.
Build the wall out of 2x6 studs.

Will you be dressing the main beam out or leaving as is?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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