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How to tackle this end-wall w/ wallpaper? (photos included)

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I'm about to try peel & stick wallpaper for the first time, in our kitchen (we rent, so peel/stick is our best option). Most of it is pretty self explanatory, in terms of where to to start and stop, etc. But I'd love some ideas on how to handle this one end wall.

I have a narrow wall area behind the sink with a bar behind. And that comes down to an end wall with a very narrow vertical strip that goes down to the floor in front of the end cabinet. I can't decide if I should try to paper down that little strip, if I should just go to the end of the wall, or stop at the end of the countertop. The only other thing I could think to try would be to add a piece of trim in front of the end cabinet to try to give a more natural stop without going down that vertical strip.

I've included photos (here: ) which is much better at showing the area in question. I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Thanks in advance!
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Since you are a renter you need to check the lease terms to see if it is allowed. The owner may not agree with you plans and forbid it in the lease. That peel and stick is almost impossible to remove.

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