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I've recently run an #12 armored cable from my 200 amp panel to my kitchen for a garbage disposal (20 amp dedicated circuit / 20 amp GFCI receptacle / 20 amp switch / pigtail from GD to receptacle).

I've installed a metal box under the sink and ran the #12 AC to it, then ran a second piece to a switch at the sink. For the switch at the sink, I've used a plastic remodel box that has a plastic clamp that I had to force the armored cable through.

If I added a metal clamp to both wires on the metal box, do I need to secure the cables within 12" of the box?

For the plastic box, do I have to staple within 8" of the plastic box inside the stud? Or, does the plastic clampy thing count? If not, can anyone suggest a trick for stapling/securing within a wall that does not require opening the wall up?


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Wires fished behind an existing wall finish do not need to be stapled.

You should use a metal box in the wall since you are using the armored cable, and the receptacle below the sink does not need to be a GFCI (unless local codes require it).
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