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How to replace rotted valley rafter?

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Hi guys, I bought an old property that needs a lot of work, this particular valley rafter has rotted on the end of the timber, and I think it needs to be replaced. However there is another common rafter connected to it and i'm not sure how to go about replacing it or supporting it in some way.

Any advice? Thanks


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Not particularly skilled, learning as I go with most things on this project.

Probably going to get a professional to do the job, but as it's only the end of the rafter that is rotted, is there a way to just cut of the rotted part, and attached a new support for it at the bottom? Or would you recommend replacing the whole thing?
You can "sister" in lumber to replace a damaged one, but this area of the roof and the constraints will likely require removal of some roof sections. You are in a tough spot to work in there.
You will need a carpenter. I can guess only this much.
Support ridge board where damaged valley rafter meets it. Support and reinforce valley jacks.
Then remove some of the valley rafter foundation and put a good lumber under the damaged rafter. Attach them with long bolts and rebuild the foundation.

Remove supports from the ridge and jacks.

Another way may be remove the roofing from above and fix the broken part with metal reinforcement. I think you'd need an engineer. Anyway, that corner foundation for the valley rafter is most important. I think you need a carpenter because I don't see usual framing and somebody will have to guess at each parts and how they play together. I don't think you can follow a manual with this.
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Is it new roof time or will you be trying to save that?
Is the brick holding it up, what is that piled on?

Is that insulation in the picture, is the rest of the roof insulated in the same way?
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Not new roof time, it keeps the house dry, and hoping it will last a couple more years.
The bricks are not holding it up, I just put them there to 'help' incase it breaks more.
Some of the roof is insulated like that, some of it not. Just bought the property so dealing with the most important parts first, will insulate eventually.
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