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How to repair floor joist when sistering is not an option

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My 1951 house sits on a crawlspace. The floor joists were set within notches or pockets in the block foundation wall. Old water damage caused many of the joist ends to rot and decay within the pockets causing the the floor to sag and bounce. The rot exists mostly on the joist ends within these pockets - with good, solid wood for most of the length of the joist. I can't just sister the damaged joists, becasue the foundation wall pockets are only wide enough for a single joist. My options are 1) cut off the bad end of the joist, replace with goo0d wood and sandwich between wood or steel, 2) enlarge the pocket in the foundation wall to accept a second sister joist, 3) build piers and a ross beam a foot away from the foundation wall to support the joists. It all sounds ok on paper, but it's located in a crawlspace with maybe 32" or working height. Has anyone seen and fixed a similar problem? - jmagee3d
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I would enlarge the block pocket and line it with something like ice and water shield to keep moisture away and use a pressure treated joist.
Carraige bolt(1/2") the two together with construction adhesive in the middle.
32" is a massive crawlspace. Count yourself lucky.

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Is a pressure treated ledger under the joists an option? Bolted or lagged to the block, with p.t. blocking to prevent rotation. Be safe, G
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