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Hey guys! I am wondering what is the easiest way to remove this peeling paint:

The facts about the situation:
  • This is outside of my bathroom. The bathroom has a strong exhaust fan, but I used to take really hot showers.
  • I let this go for a long time, it has been peeling for years, I got lazy.
  • The walls are 60 year old plaster.
  • The paint that is peeling is only the top layer, there are multiple layers of paint underneath that is not peeling.

The big parts will scrape off easily with a scraper. But it seems as if a scraper will just slide above the other parts where the cracking is very small. I am hoping you guys have tips/tricks to make it easy to remove all the loose paint so I can paint over it.

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Being it is old plaster it most likely has an oil based paint with a newer layer of latex paint applied over the oil based paint. I would get a paint stripper for latex paint that does not remove the underlaying oil paint. Than being it is a high humidity area purchase a coating that states it can be used in a high humidity area.
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