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This is not a question; it is a solution to a previously posted question. Eight years ago (too old to make a reply) someone asked how to remove an overflow cover with no screws and never got an answer. That post was the most information I managed to find on that overflow cover, even today (when I had the same exact problem): diychatroom how-remove-bathtub-overflow-plate-no-screws-139917

I managed to figure it out, so in case someone else has the same issue, I wanted to post a solution that they will hopefully find.

The offender is a (probably) 40+ year old Kohler USA overflow cover with a rubber stopper chain and no screws. The entire assembly screws directly into a threaded pipe.

I got it off by making a "H" with 2 short/mid-length screwdrivers and a vise grip. Took some steady force to get it loose, but it came off.

After it was off, snaking the drain was no problem.

Getting it back on was also a challenge.

For this, I used a longer thinner straight metal rod; a longer thin screwdriver will likely also work. This is needed to keep the pipe from moving while trying to get the initial threads screwed in. I used the rod to keep the pipe in position, and turned the overflow cover by hand.

Took a few tries to make sure i wasn't cross threaded, as there isn't much rotation possible without the pipe shifting away.

Once the threading starts, you can remove the rod and hand thread the cover most of the way; I switched back to the vise grip assembly to get in the final tightening.

Hopefully this is helpful to someone. Thanks.


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