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how to put fall on hardi flooring

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I am trying to put some fall on hardiflooring
It has to fall from both sides and both ends
The drain is in the centre
I want to put down the same vinyl that they use in hospitals
And i have to use a gattic drain
Pleas HELP
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Im trying to put in a shower in
I do not want to put in a base
I have taken out the hardwood floor and put down hardiflooring
Which is like thick cement sheet
Now i would like to form like a shower base on top
Then there is vinyl you can put on top
:)Yes that is exacyly what i want to do
The vinyl layers have all the equipment to do the laying
These thinks aluminum cove topping, wood chamfers, i do not have
Originly i was ging to slope to one end and put in a stainless grate at one end but the vinyl people say i need to use a gattic drain
The flooring i have used is SYCON SECURA
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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