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how to put fall on hardi flooring

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I am trying to put some fall on hardiflooring
It has to fall from both sides and both ends
The drain is in the centre
I want to put down the same vinyl that they use in hospitals
And i have to use a gattic drain
Pleas HELP
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Try again.

Floor slopes aren't built in that manner. What exactly are you trying to accomplish here?:) Where are you getting your information?:)
You sound as if your mind is made up!:yes:

THAT would be a one of a kind home grown concoction that no one in the industry would condone.:no:

Sorry, can't help you with this one.:(

Now if you want to get serious and build a shower that will last beyond its first use say so and we'll try to help.:)
Actually Hospitals do have non-slip vinyl shower floors
Yes and they are coved and the copings are welded. Been there done that. I can promise you THAT isn't what bernster is up to.:)
Do you have aluminum cove topping, wood chamfers, vinyl welding rod, and a vinyl welder?

Hardibacker board still isn't the way it is done.:)
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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