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Hi All,

First time posting here. I recently removed some old drywall in the basement of our 1921 home. Behind the drywall was our foundation which a previous owner had covered in wallpaper. Yeah, weird.

After removing the wallpaper, I noticed that some of the concrete was loose and chipping. I’m assuming this was a skim coat or plaster of some kind? Overall the wall is in good shape structurally but I wanted to coat the areas where the skim coat had fallen off with something so it’s smooth and paintable.

I’ve read about everything from parging to plaster to just covering it all with Drylok. There doesn’t appear to be any water seepage despite living in rainy Oregon so thankfully that’s not an issue.

I’m looking for recommendations on what to do. I’d like to do it myself but don’t know which method or material would be best.

(Also there is a weird cut out hole in the foundation for some reason?)






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Paint [including drylok] won't make the wall smooth - you need to replaced what peeled off with stucco or plaster.
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