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How to precision cut refaced kitchen cabinets?

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Jul 03, 2011 10:34 PM Looking to put in a new frig which requires about 1-2 inches of additional height clearance from the cabinets above. My issue is the cabinets were refaced with a laminate/veneer. The cabinets used to have the recess underneath but they were "filled in" so that the bottoms were flush.

My question is has anyone tried cutting refaced cabinets like this? Basically, I'm afraid that sawing into the laminate could cause the laminate to crack.
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a clamped straightedge and a router or a clamped straightedge and a jigsaw with a down cutting blade. we just redid our kitchen cabinets and i had my wife check the height of new fridges since i know ours wont last forever and the new ones were taller so i put a 12 inch cabinet instead of the 15 that was there and put a 3 inch filler under for future adjustments. the router would prob give you the best cut and they do make router bits that cut downward with a spiral cutting edge.
This will not work. You'll end up with a "franken cabinet"
Remove the cabinet and build one to fit the new opening.
When I had the same issue, I removed the cabinet and built a wine cabinet to go there.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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