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How to patch Intex pool ring?

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A small patch began leaking on my Intex 15 x 48" pool ring, so I applied some Gorilla waterproof tape, then some more, which did not stop the slow leak. So, I bought some HH-66 vinyl cement, and tried sealing all around the patches, which seemed to work initially, but then began leaking again. I've attached a picture of this mess.

Any suggestions on how to go about fixing this leak would be greatly appreciated!

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There are these commercials on TV, where this man cuts a boat in half, then glue it together,
Try some of his formula. What do you have to lose.
I have used the Intex patch kit with success. Unfortunately the top ring is getting brittle and cracking all over the place. Considering filling the ring with pool noodles instead of air. No idea if this would work but I’m beyond patching at this point. Of course I can’t find a new one in stock to buy lol.
It would be better to patch the leak in the evening then apply a rubber leak seal spray. It's more effective for stopping the leak and adds another layer of protection.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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